The 5-Reasons That Made Muslim English Language Institute (MELI) Successful

The 5-Reasons That Made Muslim English Language Institute (MELI) Successful

By: Rahim Mirkhil March/31/2023

Ask anyone in Afghanistan to show you a good English language institute, they will tell you to go to Muslim English Language Institute, it doesn’t matter that you are in Kabul, Mazar-e-sharef, Kandahar or Nangarhar almost anyone well tell you to join Muslim (MELI) institute. Muslim has made a strong profile and worked on the five following factors and made a strong brand

Best educational system

Muslim English Language Institute (MELI) came up with a system which was never seen in Afghanistan, they hired domestic and foreign specialists to make a powerful system. and still they are spending hundreds of thousands on maintaining, improving and consistently updating their systems.

Best Lecturers

In the second step MELI hired best and most qualified lecturers and instructors, MELI invested on their lecturers and instructors and improved their skills, held trainings and workshops. Because they are aware of the fact that for running a good system you must have good and trained operators to implement the system successfully.

Good Environment

MELI also made an academic/English environment which happened to impress anyone who met Muslim institute, students were under the impression of completely English environment. Where everyone speaks English special Conversation classes available for them to join for instance Talk & Talk Conversation Classes where students can improve their Speaking ability and confidence, and all this positive environment made positive impact on students’ minds

Strong Marketing and Branding

MELI successfully well profiled their selves and even though MELI is a leading brand but still they are investing a lot of money on marketing and seriously working on billboards, doing social media marketing producing images and videos and consistently posting their success stories. To be the king in the market it is important to work on your branding, marketing, improve your capacity and share your achievements with others, this will help you to grow so fast in the market.


MELI is always one step ahead of other institutes because they are consistently innovative in their field and other institutes try to copy MELI. This is how MELI is the leading brand, they never copy others instead they innovate. Every time MELI comes with a new innovation and new strategy into the market they attract others' attention, with a great policy and strategy of innovation and creativity they dominated the market and became the leader and the king in the market.


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The 5-Reasons That Made Muslim English Language Institute (MELI) Successful

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