Kabul Serena hotel is one of the best hotels of Afghanistan

Kabul Serena hotel is one of the best hotels of Afghanistan

By: Sabrina Safee, August/20/2023

Kabul Serena is the most luxurious hotel in Kabul city, this hotel stated working in 1945 under the name of Kabul Hotel with an investment of 35 million dollars.

Great location

You see, Serena Hotel is a famous 5-star hotel in the center of Kabul and is located next to Zarnagar Park. Its geographical location is close to the commercial center of the region and it is only 20 nimutes away from the airport. This hotel is in a beautiful garden, so you can easily touch nature. The building of the hotel is completely renovated and new its interior has 177 luxury rooms and suits, which also has 2 restaurants. A shopping center, a sweet shop and among the other facilities of Serena Hotel. It has breakfast and internet service, dry cleaning, business room, as well as transportation from the airport. You can use the swimming pool, club and restaurant there and have a memorable relation in the spa. The window of the suite or room of the luxury hotel Kabul Serena opens to the central Bank of Afghanistan and the Kabul Citadel.

Extraordinary facility and services

Kabul Serena Hotel has two restaurants and two lounges and a bar: Zarnagar Restaurant Cafe, wild Rice Restaurant, Resident Lounge on the ground floor of the hotel, chahar chete lounge in traditional afghan style, bar by the hotel’s outdoor pool. The quality of food in the restaurants of this hotel in Kabul is great, but don’t expect variety. Iranian travelers can go to Isfahan;s traditional restaurant near the four-star Serena Hotel in Kabul. Two halls, Ground and Eastern, in Kabul Serena Hotel, are suitable spaces for celebrations and parties. The open area of Chanam Sara, also keep in mind many official meetings are held at the luxury Kabul Serena Hotel, with 6 meeting rooms with different names: Gol Sorkh, Nilofar, Allah, Narges, Atlasi, Morsal.

Managed by government and high authorities

Kabul Serena hotel, which is one of the largest hotels in Afghanistan, was established with an investment of 35 million dollars. This hotel, which is owned by the government, was entrusted to prince Agha Khan, the leader of the Ismailis of the world, in exchange for a contract.

Mostly used by foreign guests

Kabul Serena hotel is a five-star hotel in Kabul, which was built by Group Arcop Architects and since it is reopening, and it has been used by international media workers and politicians since its establishment in 2005 this hotel is also the home of the Australian ambassador to Afghanistan. Most of the guests Serena hotel in Kabul are foreigners, and women can walk around the area without a hijab. And you should not look for alcoholic in the minibar of the hotel rooms in Afghanistan. From the furniture in the suit and rooms of the five-star Serena Kabul Hotel to the decorative items, everything is the work of afghan masters junior suit, executive suit Presidential suit, Dialux room, Garden Dialux Room.

A traditional culture inside the hotel

In Kabul Serena hotel you can fell the pure traditional Afghani culture weather its food or the decoration of the halls, rooms, garden, services, even the waiters and service staff have Afghani style clothes and will welcome you in a traditional manner. The decoration of Afghani carpets on the floor and on the walls and the utilization of the Afghani handicraft on the tables and different places in rooms, halls and outside the halls gives the guests a sense and perception of Afghan culture in the hearth of Afghanistan in the Kabul city.


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Kabul Serena hotel is one of the best hotels of Afghanistan