The Tallest Building in Afghanistan (Mohib Towers)

The Tallest Building in Afghanistan (Mohib Towers)

Mohib Towers is one of the most modern residential and commercial complexes located in the most central part of Kabul city. This complex has four residential towers, a shopping mall, a five-star hotel, the repair of the International Bank of Afghanistan and repair for offices with standards.

Almas Tower

This beautiful tower in 28 floors with 129 apartments has the following amenities. • Mosque; • 24-hour electricity system that is automatically connected to the generators of the project in case of a power cut; • Intelligent and equipped security system with the highest security technology; • Unprecedented central firefighting system; • dedicated green area for residents; • Private parking with all international standards in mind; • 24-hour lift system from the best company (Otis); • HVAC system, which has the ability to heat, cool and air condition apartments centrally with the most modern machines from Daiken and Carrier companies; • Gym for women and men; • Swimming pool for men and women; • drinking water treatment system (WTP); • Sewage treatment or recycling system (STP); • Central LPG gas system for cooking; • Gym for women and men; • Swimming pool for men and women; • drinking water treatment system (WTP); • Sewage treatment or recycling system (STP); • Central LPG gas system for cooking; • Gym for women and men; • Swimming pool for men and women; • drinking water treatment system (WTP); • Sewage treatment or recycling system (STP); • Central LPG gas system for cooking; • Special coffee shop for residents. Also, this complex has a standard shopping center that consists of prestigious stores of world-famous brands, a supermarket, various restaurants, standard cinemas and a five-star hotel. The residents of this complex will not need to buy their necessities from other areas of the city, because we We have provided all the facilities under one umbrella for the respected residents in a safe and beautiful environment. Live in the best part of Kabul city with the highest standard

Central Wastewater Treatment System (STP)

According to the estimated statistics of the UN Water Organization, eighty percent of wastewater worldwide flows into the ecosystem without treatment or reuse. On the other hand, residents of a number of cities around the world suffer from water scarcity. However, Kabul is the fifth fastest growing city in the world and among the cities with water shortage crisis. In order to prevent the aggravation of water scarcity, Mohib Towers has built a central sewage treatment system in this complex, following the environmental considerations, the main purpose of which is to clean all the pollutants in the sewage and reuse the recycled water in the irrigation of the green area of this project.


Domestic water purification is one of the basic infrastructure needs for human health and livelihood. Today, 2.6 billion people around the world still do not have access to clean household water needed for personal care. 866 million people do not have access to sufficient drinking water. Moheb Towers has provided clean, pure, high-quality and bacteria-free drinking water in this complex by creating a central drinking water purification facility from Aquamatch company, which the main focus of this system is on improving water quality and reducing harmful chemicals in drinking water.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in preserving the environment Mohib Towers, in line with the growth of sustainable development and creation of urban order; Environmental protection, mental and social health of citizens has been taken into consideration as its urban responsibility. - Central heating, cooling and ventilation system (HVAC System); It is one of the modern methods that does not cause air pollution. - green area; Paying attention to nature and its continuous presence in the living environment improves the psychological level of human life, creates peace and freshness. - Dedicated and standard parking; Creates urban traffic order as much as possible. - Insulation of walls and plasterboards; It saves energy and prevents noise pollution. - Advanced wastewater recycling system; By using this technology, it is possible to use the purified wastewater that has turned into colorless and bacteria-free water to maintain and care for the green area. - Garbage chute system; This system has the ability to collect garbage easily. - Standard drinking water purification system; This system prepares clean and healthy water for drinking. The above characteristics are the basic plans in the construction of the standard that Mohib Towers has used to comply with the environmental points.

Central Heating, Cooling And Ventilation System (HVAC SYSTEM)

Mohib Towers provides the cleanest hot and cold air in different seasons by using the HVAC system and using Daikon and Carrier company equipment; It has provided the residents of this complex with intelligent and low consumption control. This technology includes boiler machines, chillers, air conditioners and fan coils, and is among the most modern of its kind, which brings a sense of peace to the residents of this beautiful tower.


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