The first Open university of Afghanistan

The first Open university of Afghanistan

The open university of Afghanistan has provided free education for more than 37 thousand people,

1. "Empowering Thousands: The Open University of Afghanistan's Remarkable Journey"

Explore the inspiring story of the Open University of Afghanistan, which has provided free education to over 37 thousand individuals. Founded by Hamidullah Afghan as the "Afghanistan Free University," the institution faced challenges after the Taliban closed university gates to girls. However, their commitment to education persevered, leading to the establishment of the Afghanistan Open Community, offering tens of thousands of free online courses and promoting international languages and skills development.

2. "Hamidullah Afghan's Vision: Pioneering a 100% Free University in Afghanistan"

After that they worked on the online plane, which currently has about 10,000 students directly and 27,000 others indirectly learning different courses and international languages through “Afghanistan Azad University”: the current activity that are going on are under the name of Afghanistan open community, now they are doing to big activities thought this community, first of all we have access to almost tens of thousands of free courses related to different teaching platforms in the world, because with the arrival of “corona, most of the important courses and lessons became online, with us there are between 50 and 60 international platforms available, all of which are valid and their documents are from foreign universities.”Delve into the vision of Hamidullah Afghan, the founder of Afghanistan Free University, who, after the fall of the previous republican system, aimed to establish a free university for Afghan students. The university initially faced hurdles when the Taliban closed doors to girls, but it adapted by transitioning to online education. Learn about the founder's determination to provide free education and the collaboration with over 300 Afghan professors dedicated to teaching face-to-face and online.

3. "Online Education Triumphs: Afghanistan Azad University's Resilience"

Afghanistan open university provide international English, French, and German languages courses and trainings in digital marketing, project management, leadership and marketing, webpage design and computer parts, up to 70% of these students are women.Witness the resilience of Afghanistan Azad University, overcoming obstacles to provide online education to around 10,000 direct and 27,000 indirect students. The university's activities, now under the Afghanistan Open Community, include offering tens of thousands of free courses from international platforms. Despite challenges like limited electricity and low-quality internet, the institution has become a beacon for online teaching excellence, particularly in languages and various skill development areas.

4. "Breaking Barriers: Afghanistan Open University's Inclusive Approach"

Discover how Afghanistan Open University addresses gender equality by providing international language courses and training in various fields, with up to 70% of its students being women. Despite the Taliban's restrictions on education for girls and women, the university remains committed to promoting inclusivity and empowering students through associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, general doctorates, and specialized doctorates.

5. "Open University: A Lifeline for Education Amidst Turmoil in Afghanistan"

Learn how Open University of Afghanistan serves as a lifeline for education, especially amidst the turmoil in Afghanistan. Despite challenges, including the Taliban's restrictions on female education, the university provides opportunities for foreign nationals to enroll without entrance exams. Azad University's commitment to education remains unwavering, offering hope and educational possibilities for individuals in Afghanistan and beyond.


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The first Open university of Afghanistan

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