The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

The first made in Afghanistan sport car, which is a product of technical education and innovation center of Afghanistan designed and produced by Mohammad Reza Ahmadi the CEO of Entop auto studio in Afghanistan will be displayed in Doha’s exhibition 2023.

1. "Revolutionizing Afghan Innovation: The First Made-in-Afghanistan Supercar"

Afghanistan's strides in technical education and innovation take center stage as Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, the CEO of Entop Auto Studio, unveils the first-ever made-in-Afghanistan sports car. Designed and produced at Afghanistan's Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center, this groundbreaking creation is set to make its debut at the prestigious Doha Exhibition in 2023.

2. "Viral Sensation: Afghanistan's Super Car Takes Social Media by Storm"

The internet is buzzing with excitement as the introduction video clip of Afghanistan's inaugural sports car goes viral. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, the car has captured the attention and acclaim of people worldwide through various social media platforms, marking a significant milestone for innovation in the war-torn nation.

3. "Innovation Against All Odds: Mohammad Reza Ahmadi's Five-Year Journey"

Explore the perseverance and dedication of Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, who spent five years meticulously crafting the prototype of Afghanistan's first sports car. Ahmadi's commitment to innovation is evident as he prepares to unveil the final look of the vehicle, set to grace the exhibition floors in Doha, Qatar, showcasing the potential for technical education in the country.

4. "Qatar-Bound: Afghanistan's Automotive Marvel Ready for Doha's 2023 Exhibition"

Afghanistan takes a giant leap into the automotive industry as Mohammad Reza Ahmadi's masterpiece gears up to be displayed at Doha's 2023 exhibition in Qatar. The anticipation builds as the nation, previously marred by war and political instability, showcases its technical prowess on an international stage, challenging stereotypes and redefining its capabilities.

5. "Awe-Inspiring Achievement: Afghanistan's Auto Industry Breaks Ground"

Mawlavi Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, the head of Afghanistan's Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center, expresses disbelief as images of the supercar circulate online. With no active auto industry, Afghanistan defies expectations, proving that innovation and technical education can thrive even in challenging circumstances, signaling a promising era for the nation's automotive aspirations.


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The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

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