The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

The first made in Afghanistan sport car, which is a product of technical education and innovation center of Afghanistan designed and produced by Mohammad Reza Ahmadi the CEO of Entop auto studio in Afghanistan will be displayed in Doha’s exhibition 2023.

The introduction video clip of this car went viral and acclaimed by people in social media,

Ahmadi has used a Toyota Corollas engine to produce this car which is supposed to be replaced later if this is to be used for a race.

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi has spent five years on the prototype of this sport car and the final look will be displayed in two weeks and will be presented in Doha’s 2023 exhibition in Qatar.

Mawlavi Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, the head of Afghanistan's Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center said that as the pictures of the car went viral online, no one could believe this could be a product of Afghanistan.

This comes as that Afghanistan does not have an active auto industry as the country has been constantly into war and political instability.


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The First Made in Afghanistan Super Car

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