The new era of solar energy in Afghanistan with Etemad solar company

The new era of solar energy in Afghanistan with Etemad solar company

By: Sabrina Safee October/12/2023

Using solar energy to supply electricity and heating the buildings is considered as a clean and sustainable method. Currently, new technologies for using solar energy in cars and industries are also being developed. In general, using solar energy as one of the clean and renewable energy source helps to preserve the environment and helps to reduce air pollution and climate change.

Etemad solar production company started its activity in the first phase of Herat industrial city in 2018, with the aim of optimally using solar energy, converting solar energy into electricity and helping to clean the environment, and is now ready for operation. This factory, which is the first solar panel production company in Afghanistan, is able to produce 150 megawatts of solar panels in a year using the scientific and professional capabilities of the education and young afghan cadres this production factory is able to produce more than 300 solar panels per day, which can convert solar energy into equivalent of 111,000 watts of electricity

Etemad solar production company has started its production by using the scientific abilities of the educated youth of the country and providing employment opportunities for over 300 engineers directly and for more than 5000 afghan citizens indirectly.

Etemad solar company produce solar which competes with regional companies in terms of quality. According to officials more than six million dollars have been invested in the factory.

Etemad solar manufacturing company produces various types of solar for commercial and residential purposes in Afghanistan. In order to provide electricity in the most remote areas of the country, this company produces light and portable solar panels, complete solar packages for electricity generation and solar systems in different parts of Afghanistan.

According to officials ‘’achieving sustainable energy is the main goal of Etemad solar company and as the first step to realize the goal, Etemad solar company is a place for creativity and innovation of products based on solar energy which produces superior products and creates international partnerships to use renewable energy operates.’’ These solar technology is adaptable to any kind of conditions and you can activate these solar systems everywhere.


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