Tesla Full-Self-Driving Cars Will be open in 2023

Tesla Full-Self-Driving Cars Will be open in 2023

Tesla has rolled the FSD to an ever-growing number of Tesla drivers.

As part of Tesla’s webcast discussing Q3 2022 financials, CEO Elon Musk said that Full Self-Driving’s beta release should be rolled out to every person who ordered it by the end of the year, as the software continues to be developed and improved.

Tesla’s FSD is not a fully autonomous driving system so far, but it’s an array of advanced driver aids that allows hands-free operation of the vehicle with a fully concentrating driver prepared to take control of the vehicle at a time of notice.

As improvements are made in a regular basis, Elon Musk is confident in FSD’s performance and he also referred that “you will almost never have to touch the vehicle controls while the vehicle is in operation”

Tesla will have enough data by nest year to show regulators that FSD is much safer than a human-driven vehicle. And we are almost there Said Elon Musk, referring to FSD’s improvement over time.

Currently, there are approximately 160,000 Tesla owners with the ability to access FSD’s experiences. This number grew from 100,000 owners in September. If it happens, this upcoming growth would be in line with Musk’s previous estimates. It’s not clear exactly how many have purchased the software.


Tesla Full-Self-Driving Cars Will be open in 2023

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