Band-e-Amir National Park

Band-e-Amir National Park

Band-e-Amir is one of most beautiful places of Afghanistan, it was established as first national park on April 22,2009, to promote and protect its natural beauty,

This park is located in central Afghanistan; it is a chain of six lakes in the mountainous desert in Bamyan province.

The name Band-e Amir literally means "commander's deem" which is believed by some to be a reference to Hazrat Ali the fourth caliph of the Muslims.

Band-e-Amir is one of the best places for tourists in Afghanistan, it has more than 40,000 visitors during some holidays.

The six constituent lakes of Band-e Amir are:

. Band-e Gholaman (Lake of the slaves) . Band-e Qambar (Lake of Caliph Ali's slave) . Band-e Haibat (Lake of grandiose) . Band-e Panir (Lake of cheese) . Band-e Pudina (Lake of wild mint) . Band-e Zulfiqar (Lake of the sword of Ali)


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