Apple is turning into an Ad company

Apple is turning into an Ad company

Apple is stepping to competition with Google and Meta with suggesting businesses a new platform for ads

Recently apple has shown a determination to step into an industry dominated by Google, Meta, and amazon. In June, Apple expanded the ways companies could pay to get in front of its Customers’ sights, allowing them to buy ads on the front page of the app store,

In an article posted by apple job posting suggested they are building a self-service platform for businesses to book ads to be served to customers through apple products. And now reports says that apple seek potential buyers for ads on apple TV+. But it is not clear that what king of ads it would be, would it look like traditional TV commercials, or those like on you tube.

This means that the apple users will begin to see more ads inside its services and that the company going to step into more direct competition with ad-supported competitors such as Google and Meta.

“For apple to step in and say ‘I want a piece of this too’ kind of make sense” says Michael Cusumano, a professor at MIT Sloan school of Management.

It all makes sense that apple would chase alternative source of revenue, since the smartphone innovation is slow as will the sales. And the company is also expanding subscriptions in news, video streaming, and fitness scratch the same growth-hungry corporate desire. Some people believes that apple may have been inspired by the success of Amazon’s ad business, that displays adverts for products alongside search results, they have earned $31 billion in revenue till 2021.


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Apple is turning into an Ad company


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