A Mega Urbanization Project in Kabul City

A Mega Urbanization Project in Kabul City

A new city called new Kabul city is going to be built in (Dehsabz) district of Kabul, this city is considered as one of the largest urban development project in Afghanistan at present.

The plan for making new Kabul city

this city is going to be built because of increase in population density in Kabul city, the map of Kabul city was prepared for 750,000 (seven hundred fifty thousand) inhabitants. During the thirty-three years of war the population of this city reached 4.5 million. The city is suffering from sewage, air, breading and increase in garbage. The design and construction of the new city of Kabul is planned to solve the problems and aspirations of millions of afghan citizens in the countries capital.

The price of each unit

The price of each residential unit is 100,000 US dollars, and 20 billion dollars are supposed to be used for the infrastructure and public facilities in this city. This city is going to be built on 740 square km of land, and its size is approximately 1.5 times larger than the current city of Kabul. The new Kabul city is going to be built in two phases, in the first phase 250,000 houses will be built 1.5 million people including commercial agricultural and recreational areas.


The new Kabul city project has been proposed as a major development project, the main goal of the new Kabul city project is to create an orderly modern center with all the modern facilities. This project is designed to improve urban infrastructure and reduce population density create job opportunities and improve living condition of citizens, the new city of Kabul will have all the facilities of today’s evening and with the start of this project along with providing work in business to a large number of citizens of the country, new Kabul city is divided into four phases the first phase of this project includes commercial facilities, housing, green and recreational bases and basic infrastructure of this phase is currently being implemented.

The participation of private sector

One of the important aspects of the project is the participation of the private sector in its implementation this partnership improves the quality of project implementation. creates job opportunities and realizes common development goals, also it shows positive interaction and cooperation between different economic sectors and the government, the new city of Kabul is located in the northern region of the current city of Kabul and covers a large area of land, with the compilation of this project it will be possible to create a more balanced population density improve urban infrastructure and develop urban areas in addition to create job opportunities and improving living conditions and new Kabul city is also considered a sample of Afghanistan progress and development.


The successful implementation of this project will not only improve urban conditions but will also play an important role in realizing the development and economic goals of the country. With the passage of time and the progress of the new Kabul city project it is expected that this city is will show an example of smart and sustainable urban planning by creating new cities with modern designs different places for housing business recreation. The population density in Kabul city will decrease this improves the quality of citizens


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